On Nokia X3-02

I am currently using a Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type. My fifth phone so far. I bought it more than a year ago. I am not a phone savvy kind of person. So, basically when I buy a phone I choose the one that pleases my eyes regardless of its specs. I didn’t encounter any problem with this phone in my two months of used. But after few months of using it I started to have a problem. It turns hot when it’s on charge. I already brought it to Nokia for repair but to no avail. And since Nokia repair shop won’t allow me use any phone in exchange of my phone while it is in repair I just decided not to bring it back to them. Just recently I decided to read reviews about Nokia X3-02 and I was surprised of the bad feedback it got from some users.

But other than the problem I am experiencing all is good. The phone is not perfect but since I was looking for a good a phone camera and I like the photos taken using my phone I could not complain much. Here is a photo of my little one taken using my Nokia X3-02.

If you want to buy this phone I recommend that you read the reviews first for you to know if this phone really fits your need.

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