On Music Instrument and Accesories

I cannot sing the right tune even the simplest one. That is one fact of me that I have accepted long time ago. Another one is I am not knowledgeable when it comes to music instruments and accessories. I guess that is understandable since I am not really into singing.

However, I can be of help to those who are in a lookout of music instrument and accessories. Just like for example if you are searching for new Rovner ligatures, I happened to come across a website that offer wide selection of music instrument and other music accessories. For a music lover, the website I am talking about it surely a great find.


  1. i am out of tune, too. But, I want to learn playing drums.

  2. Oh my! I wanted the harp but too expensive yung big one.

  3. Well, about singing, you can always learn. I know of some people who couldn’t carry a tune, yet after taking voice lessons, they’d improve. 😀 So go!

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