On Monetizing This Blog

As I always promise I will be updating this blog in a regular basis. But most of the time I failed to post an update in this blog. Now that I am seriously thinking of monetizing this blog I should seriously put more effort in building a good traffic. I will submit this blog to a group of blogger whom I am currently active. Joining comment exchange really helps boost the blog traffic of my other blog. Although Mr. Google didn’t increase my pagerank in the last update I am still hoping that soon I will get the reward of my hard work :).

As a preparation for my plan in monetizing this blog I am considering on putting a contact form for possible inquiries. My only problem is that I don’t know how to put a contact from yet. I shall ask someone of read online tutorial. I only hope I will not be lazy. As I mentioned in my other blog I am not a fan of online tutorial I am more on asking someone to help me step by step. See, how lazy I can be, I more want to know the thing I want to know in easy way.


  1. Did your blog increase in PR after the last update? I hope so. The CommEx is really good at boosting return traffic and engagement 🙂 I see you just posted your email rather than posting a separate Contact form, i think that should be good enough. 🙂

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