On Driving A Good Blog Traffic

I am happy that the plan of driving good traffic in this blog is happening it may be slow but surely. It’s been a while since I aim to start building the traffic of this blog but for some reason I could not start the plan immediately. Good thing a fellow blogger added me to some groups where bloggers work together in full force to achieve our main goal, thus building a good traffic. I am not expecting Mr Google to notice this blog and shower with a good pagerank. I do however wish that next time he shower blessing he will include this blog that will make me smile from ear to ear.

Currently, the Alexa rank of this blog is 2,475,834. I know it’s way too much and I aim to make it less than 1 million. I may not achieve it before the year ends but I am hoping it will in the due time. What can I say but good luck to me, or should I say good luck to us bloggers :-).


  1. I still haven’t installed an Alexa widget on my blog. I feel so ignorant not having that. Haha!
    But I also try to icrease traffic on my blog by comex & giveaways. 🙂

  2. Just be active always. Before month’s end, your goals of having an Alexa Rank below 1M is possible!!

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