On Cybercrime Law

It’s almost midnight here at my end yet I don’t feel sleepy. I guess it’s because I drank a cup of coffee a while ago.
While waiting for my sleepiness I might as well post an update here I don’t want to let this day pass without posting about the hot issue all over, online and offline. As we all know the Cybercrime Law takes it effect today, October 3, 2012.

I would say that the country is grieving a lot of individuals believe that today is the end of our online freedom. Who would not grieve when we are about to lose our right to express our sentiment and reaction freely online? I myself would not want to be put on jail for 12 years by merely sharing or liking a photo on facebook that is considered libelous. Frightening, right? With this, would you still share to the whole world your sentiments over someone in the World Wide Web? As for me, I will choose to keep silent.

I wonder if using gay lingo (beki language) can be considered libelous. If not then perhaps we can use the gay lingo language to air our sentiments online.

But seriously, I hope the lawmakers can fix/adjust the loopholes in this newly enacted law for the sake of the Filipino people.

How about you? What is your stand to Cybercrime Law?

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