On Creating A Band

For some reason I am not into band groups, perhaps it’s the kind of music they are singing. I am more on county music but I have this all male band that I like. I like their music it touches my heart.
One time, I ask myself how they manage to create the group as I know it’s not really easy. Apart from the time, determination, professionalism and patience should be applied to be successful. Oh well, it also involve some money to have a good quality music instrument. I didn’t know that a roland spd sx would cost a lot until recently.

If you’re planning to create a band then I urge you to check out the link above. The site is offering free shipping and discount.


  1. The last boy band I loved was Backstreet Boys. After that, I’m no fan at all. Hehehe!

    CE 11/13

  2. My husband is in a band (vocals). But they’re more of a rock/metal band. 🙂

  3. I am a frustrated musician myself. I love watching bands performs.

  4. i love bands, dami kong favorites

  5. I like Switcfoot…but some of the songs are a little bit on the head banger side. I like their older songs with the slower beats. I like that their songs have actually deep meanings, rooted on their faith. I wanted to be a band member back when I was in grade school but that didn’t materialize. My top priority was my studies back then.

  6. I Love watching bands and solo artists too my favourite boy band is Super Junior.

  7. Yes you’re right they all cost pretty expensive.

  8. Good quality instruments and gadgets cost a lot. I wasn’t gifted with superb musical abilities but I’m glad to be surrounded with good talented ones. Grabe talaga sila gumastos sa gamit, investment talaga.

  9. I still love Side A. 🙂

  10. Love jamming with bands. Before when I was single, I have this group of male friends who love to jam and we would have a grand time. O also have a group of girlfriends college with whome I planned to form a band, too. These days, I jam with my husband and kids. LOL

  11. It would be fun to be part of a band. I just wish I could play an instrument.

  12. When I was in high school, my friends and I have big dreams of forming a band. My brother used to have his friends over and would play cool music the whole night!

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