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As I mentioned in my previous post I am working on building a good traffic here. Comment exchange is for the best way to get visitors. I don’t find the old way of blog hopping effective as some of the blog I visited doesn’t visit me back. For few months now, I have been religiously visiting other blogs in the comments exchange hosted by Paula on my other blog. Now, that they have allowed two blogs to join the ComEx provided that the blog owner will visit two times in each blog. So, I immediately grab my chance to visit the ComEx participants for the second time but this time linking on this blog.

If you want to increase your blog traffic and you haven’t join BC Bloggers, then it’s high time you join now.



  1. IS BC bloggers a group in facebook like Helping Hand? this is cool but I do not participate that much in comment exchange since I always forgot to reciprocate. huhu

  2. Yup, it’s frustrating to visit other blogs and they don’t reciprocate at least in comex, you get back what you have worked for. I only participate to the Helping Hands in FB. Is this open to non members?

  3. it’s been a while since i joined bc blogger comex and meme. I am looking forward to go back.

  4. blog commneting is good if all are reciprocating but sadly somre just don’t know their obligation. BC Bloggers help s lot our traffic.

  5. I stopped joining the BC ComEx as I missed commenting to some and I think that is not fair to fellow bloggers 🙂 I am glad that you found the BC Blogger 🙂

  6. I’m a member of the old and new BC bloggers but don’t participate much on bloghopping/commex as I have many FB groups already for same purpose, but yes comment exchange and alexa hop is very effective in promoting and lowering our alexa rank.. 🙂

  7. the last time i join I think is May2012..hahaha…and I plan to join again…gusto ko to kasi monitored sya.
    ..see yah! will join this again..

  8. I see to it that I know my obligations in blog commenting.Sad to say,others don’t know their obligations.For almost two months I am busy in comments exchange,so far so good.I haven’t heard about BC Blogger.

  9. I regularly receive email updates from Paula about the comment ex. It’s high time I check it out. I’ve just been busy but would really want to join this.

  10. Seems like everyone is busy with monetizing their blogs these days that sometimes it’s hard to get them to comment or to comment back. I’m thinking of joining BC Bloggers. I think this group is also doing well. The group has been around for years (I think) and continues to get a lot of members.

  11. I haven’t join this group before, and I would love too, but not right now. I still can’t keep up with all the comexes I have to do while taking care of two kids. hehehe.. Thanks for sharing though! When I finally get to decide and ready to join, I sure will. Who doesn’t love traffic on their blog. 🙂

  12. I have seen a BC badge somewhere but I am not yet a member of the group. Is this an fb secret group too? Hope the admin approves if I requested to join. Thanks for the info!

  13. Good for you Mommy that you have time to hop at BC Bloggers!

    Cheers to great blogging days!

  14. i understand how it is like. I did the same thing and eventually got tired too over not getting reciprocated. Now I’m thankful to the modern way of commenting. With the ComEx rules you’ll know your effort won’t be wasted.

  15. BC Bloggers is really a great bunch of people who works together to reach a common goal. I’ve experienced joining the past grousp and it did my blogs a great amount of good.

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