On Accessories Drooling

Few months ago, I had a chance to visit Forever 21 botique in SM Cebu. I wanted to buy a set of accesories that I found in the botique. However, shopping for accesories that time is not my priority. Buying and a fair of footwear were my priority that time. I could only wish money was not a problem that time. I will be happy if I were able to buy the arm candy that grasp my attention.

So lovely...

So lovely…

I kinda not get over my disappointment yet so one day I google where to find accesories online. Truly, the world wide web is a perfect place to head on when you are searching for something you want and if you dont have enough time to roam around. While searching where I can find fashionable accessories online. I came across this webite that offer huge selection of accessories that ladies must have.


Right after I am done browsing the site, a friend in facebook posted a variety of accessories available at Zalora and again I was tempted to visit the website. I must agree to my friend who posted on facebook as the site really offer variety of accessories for ladies and gents. In fact I found few accessories that arebfabolous to my eyes. Well, for now I could not afford to buy them as I am saving for something. Hopefully, I will earn more so I can buy those arm and ear candies. Well, as of now I can only allow my eyes to have a feast look at those accesories as I am saving for something.

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