Ombre Nail Art With Flower

Yet, another late post.

I don’t know if I mentioned it here that I own a manicure set. I also have some nail polish, some of it given by my Aunt. So recently I am doing my nails (finger nails) trying those easy nail art with the help of online tutorial.

 photo editnail2_zps8845e183.jpg

Few weeks ago, I had this design on my nails. One of the customers in the bookstore who was next in line to me appreciates the design and asks what salon I go. I honestly told her that I did it on my own and told her how to do it.

 photo editnail_zps414a6da4.jpg

 photo editnail1_zps6feddb74.jpg

Anyway, I use the nail polish I got from my Aunt and local nail polish. I used Revlon Base Coat, Sally Hansen in Honeymoon Red, Infinity in Earth Stone, Chic in Ivory for the flower design and Caronia in Platinum Glitter to add the glittery effect.

My Say: When it comes to nail polish I always go for the kind of nail polish that won’t let my nail turn yellow-ish. Nail polish like Revlon, Chic and Coronia is one my choice even if it means paying more when using imported nail polish like Revlon in the salon I don’t regret it. Of course the base coat is doing a good job to safeguard my nails on turning yellow-ish.


  1. Lovely post.Fusion color is stunning.

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