New Shoes, It Is!

The little big tot needs a new black shoe.  Well, he can still wear the old one until the school year is over. But he will be attending a wedding this month and is one of entourage.

I dont remember if I mentioned in any of my previous blog post that the little big tot will be the coin bearer in his Uncle’s wedding. With this I feel like I need to buy another pair for him to wear in the upcoming wedding. The old one he is using is not presentable in my eyes, anymore. So instead of buying him a new pair in the next school year I will buy it before the month’s end. But I will reserve the shoe coming June.

Good thing he owns a Barong and black pants. It will save my pocket for another expenses. Like I my mentioned in my previous post, extra expenses is becoming out of hand, already. I hope I will get over this expenses the soonest possible time.

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