My Weight Lose Journey

I remember mentioning in my previous post that I am trying to lost weight. Its been my top priority in my to do list but because losing weight is too difficult compared on gaining weight. If you want to gain weight all you have to do is and eat more.

Ganyan kadali mga momshies.

Four months ago I wieghed myself. The boyfriend keep on asking me to check how heavy I am. To my surprised I was 70 kls! Mga momshes I am only 5 feet. I felt like I am too fat na. So I have to take losing wieght seriously if I dont want to get too fat. I told the boyfriend that I should go to go gym. And he said yes, he also told me to stop eating rice. Pero mga momshies I cant really stop eating rice. Rice is like a super food for me. Hahaha… for sure madami ang nakakarelate sa akin.

But I manage not to eat rice for 3 days when I opted to try the military diet for 3 days.

1st day meal

2nd day meal

3rd day meal

I am thinking of doing it again this month because it is effective.

Two weeks ago I weighed my self again. I was very surprised because I am 63 kilos already. I have been going to the gym and eating less for more than three months. I know its not a lot but you have to take into consideration that a lot of mouthwatering foods was served on the table during the holiday season.

1st day at the gym


Recent photo

Spot the difference? I shall take a photo in the spot where I took the photo on the first day. Also apologize for the low quality of the photo, I am only using my phone camera in taking the picture.

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