My Means Of Online Earning

I am a stay at home single mom, when I have my internet connection at home five years ago I started searching on how I can earn online. Truly, there is a lot of ways to earn money online. I focus on pay to blog, that is the reason why I own multiple blogs at present . Others would focus on article writing, ghost writing and PTC programs. I am happy with my earning but since the little one is growing expenses is growing as well.I don’t have any problem when it comes to the need of the little one as the boyfriend will provide everything he needs but as a mother I want to help in anyway I can and save for his future. So, my search of another means on earning online started.

Few months ago a blogger friend invited me to join her new venture in earning online. I was hesitant so I didn’t sign up as soon as I received the invitation. But after seeing her proof of payment I was tempted to join. I will share about my newly found means of earning online on my next post.

Anyways, if you are a stay at home mom why not try your luck online? I have listed below my means of earning online.

Paid Blogging

Other bloggers usually write about rants and mushy complains about everything. While other blogger would use their ability to write for a certain website, product review and services with pay.

Ad Space

Before, I used to accept link advertising in my blogs side bar but after I read somewhere that putting links in the sidebar is not good if you want Direct Advertiser to noticed your blog so you should be careful on putting a lot of links in your blog.


If you have a software for making blog template and you’ve knowledge in html and coding then you an earn from it. When I was still using my desktop I use to make customized blogger template for other blogger for a certain amount.

HYIP and Autosurf Investing

This is my new online venture. If you are risk taker or a gambler type of person this program is for you.

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