Lost And Found

..it’s not what you think folks.It’s not the lost and found section that you see in school or other establishment. I am talking about my earring.

The only expensive material things that I have bought for myself through my blogging money are jewelries. I bought is few years ago as a Christmas present from myself. I have lost my earring many times but I always find it at the end of the day. But two weeks ago is different, I just found out that I lost my earring again when I saw the luck in our bed. I was disappointed as I don’t know where to start looking for the lost earring. I checked on the backyard and in my Aunt’s place as I stay there for an hour but to no avail. I checked the whole house but I didn’t see my earring. I have accepted the fact that I will forever lost the earring I bought out from blogging money. The more that I lost hope when the rain drops started to fall.

Lost and Found earring (the white one)

Few days ago while preparing the undergarments that I am going to wear for that day I saw my lost earring. Isn’t it a great surprised? Hopefully, I won’t lost my earrings again as I could not afford to buy one in the near future. Earning online is not good compared my earning few years ago.


  1. I can relate, Pretty Mom! I hate it when I lose things, especially those I bought using my hard-earned money. Ingatan mo na yan. 🙂

  2. I can relate … I hate misplacing things. In fact just this afternoon I can’t a bottle of skin care product. Something that big … misplaced. LOL. Glad you found what you have misplaced. 🙂

  3. I lost one of my hoops earrings when we went nature trekking and i was bummed out as hubby gave it to me as a birthday gift. It’s hard when you lost something that has sentimental value. Maybe, you should get an earring with a good lock so you won’t lose it anymore.

  4. yay! glad that you found your erarrings Sis 🙂 It is worth looking for because you work hard to buy that gift for yourself 🙂

  5. There are times that I also misplaced things around the house and when I stop looking for it then I’ll be able to find it. Good thing you were able to find your earring -)

  6. good thing you found it still. I will not blame you if you will put a lot of time looking for that valuable item of yours, because i will for sure do what you did to find that earring.

  7. lucky you found it sis. stud earrings are hard to find pa naman as they are small. i think the earring is really meant for you

  8. Oh, that’s where the urban legend starts, you know, about the “borrowers”! Creepy. Haha! Good thing you found them. 🙂


  9. Good for you that you always found your lost earring.You are still lucky,unlike me I never saw it again the earring of my kid.I need to buy a new pair of earring for my daughter.

  10. good for you that you were able to find them, earning this days are really hard. how i wish there are many DA’s

  11. good for you that you found your lost earring. I recently lost one of mine..*sob* and I don’t think I could find it again because I lost it oustide the house.

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