Learning To My Brows

No doubt most women nowadays is using eyebrows to enhance the shape of their eyebrows. I have been happy and contented with my shape of my eyebrows since my teen years. Well, I admit I do enhance the shape of my brows by plucking. Threading cross my mind but I am not brave enough to try it. The thought of how hurt it will be made me choose between plucking and shaving. But few years ago, I noticed that the hair of my eyebrows are getting thinner and I figured it is high time I start using eyeliner and eyebrows liner.

Although its been a year since I started putting eyeliner on my eyebrows I still don’t know how to do it myself. Sometimes I asked my cousin to do it.

A month ago, I saw this Eyebrows Liner Duo Kit. I immediately like it when I tried the tester in Watson Store. I am learning little by little on how to use it and draw my eye brows perfectly.

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