Keeping My Promise

As I promised, here I am updating this blog although I really don’t have much to say at this moment. I’ve been blogging from the internet café for few days now. I haven’t have my netbook yet. The boyfriend has been asking me how much it will cost us for a new hard drive since I told him that the promblem might the hard drive but as of this typing I haven’t received any call from the technician. I guess I need to personally check it.

My weekend was so productive online and offline. I manage to finished my tasks from my all-time fovarite site for two days. It’s record breaking as it usually take me a week to get done with my task regardless of it’s number. In deed I don’t have time to procrastinate and playing Tetris Battle in facebook. And I honestly missed it.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be working on the blog traffic for this blog before I’ll submit this blog for approval in my all-time favorite paying site. I am also considering on getting a dedicated IP. Hiast, how I wish my blogging time is not limited but because I here at the internet café I could not stay long as much as I want. There are times that internet connection is too slow.

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