Justbeenpaid Legit or Scam

Does the word (JBP) justbeenpaid ring a bell?

Few months ago, I was invited by a friend online to join the site. I didn’t notice her message until I was tempted to join the site when I saw her proof of payments. But then, I am not sure if I will join the site if ever I get to read her message as soon as she sent it to me for a simple reason that I need to invest before I can start earning. As I mentioned in my previous blog post I am into blogging and I don’t spend a penny to start earning. Oh well, I pay for my dedicated server IP’s and blog hosting and nothing else.

But because I wanted to earn more online I take a risk and sign up. I get the  $10after signing up. Note that you need to use the $10 to buy position or else you will lose your chance of using the amount as they will take it back in your account after few days. Anyway for a start I invested $20 and after a week I invested another $14 and use the earning I get from my first investment to be able to buy another 2 position. With this I already have 5 positions and earn $1 during weekdays and $.75 on weekend. I know it’s just a small amount but that is the only amount I can afford to lose. Few days ago, I have more than $10 in my account enough amount to buy another position and so I did. My daily earning rose to $1.20 on weekdays and $.90 on weekend. For now, I will use the compounding strategy to increase my earning as I can’t afford to invest more.

It is not a secret that other people believe that justbeenpaid is a scam. To help you decide whether to try justbeenpaid or not here are two factors to consider and I hope it will help and answer the questions you have in mind.

Is justbeenpaid paying the members?

Definitely yes, I have seen a lot of cash out proof amounting a hundred/s. And, well, you don’t need to reach a certain amount before you can cash out your earning. You can do it every day regardless of how much you want to cash out.

Can you talk or ask someone when problem arise?

Yes, they have live support on standby ready to assist the members. Another thing, members can always see important announcement in the home page when signing in to their respective accounts.

So is justbeenpaid a scam?

In my own conclusion is it not a scam, it’s legit. As long as it is paying its members then there is no reason to call them a scam. I know, there is nothing permanent in the internet. We can never tell what is going to happen to the system in the future. If you want to try the site, the best thing to do is invest the amount you can afford to lose. Happy earning online!!!


  1. I should check this out and I hope to see cash out proof. 🙂

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