Just Got Engaged? Five Things To Get Organised With

So you have just got engaged. Congratulations! You must be eager to get the wedding arrangements firmly under way. The biggest issue you might be faced with is where to start and what to get organised first. It can be simply quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to do just to cover the basics of a wedding, but so much more besides. So I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a few things you can be getting on with straight away. Take a look and see what you think. Let me know if you have anything else to add.

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Sort a date

One of the first big decisions you can make is what date you want your wedding day to take place on. Perhaps you had an idea of the time of year or even just the season. But now is the time to firmly make a decision on when it takes place. There is a fair bit to consider. Firstly, you could think about getting married on another day other than a saturday. Sometimes this can bring the cost down. Also don’t just opt for a summer wedding as you think that’s the done thing, often spring or autumn weddings can be cheaper and just a pretty. Winter wedding are also lovely.

Save more

The closer you get to making final decisions and paying for things, the more you will begin to worry about money. The sheer cost of getting married is astonishing when you read about it in the news. But when you need to start paying for it? It’s torturous! It’s a long road ahead, so you need to consider setting up another savings account and start putting a little extra aside.

Make a guest list

I suppose this is where the majority of the weddings costs come from. Everybody wants as many people to come and join in on their special day, but in reality, it’s a tough ask. The average cost per head isn’t just for food, you need to think about cocktail hour and the evening reception as well. it escalates quickly. It’s important to work out your numbers as this will be able to help you determine your budget and also your venue options.

Send out those save the date cards

Now some of the big decisions are made it’s important to let those guest know there is a wedding taking place. Especially if you have booked a day that doesn’t fall on a weekend. You can order personalised save the date cards online very easily, and it helps you keep everyone informed with plenty of notice.

Choose the Bridal party

Of course, there’s an even more difficult choice to be made than who to invite. Those best man/usher/bridesmaids positions are up for grabs, too. This is where you need to take into consideration your budget once more. Often bridesmaid dresses, usher suits and such are needed to be provided by you. Make sure you pick people that you want in those positions and not who you feel obliged to.

I hope this helps you on your way to wedding planning.

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