Internet Connection Problem

For more a month I have been dealing with my internet connection problem. Its been on and off. The worst part is that I will lost the connection in time when I am about to talk to the boyfriend or when I have something to do online. Its frustrating that after changing my internet provider I am dealing with the same problem I have encountered on my previous internet provider. It is this time that I wish I could have my old internet provider before ST Yolanda made landfall in our town. My connection was better and customer service is great as well. Hopefully this internet problem will be resolve by my internet provider the soonest possible time.


On the happy note, my younger sister and her children are home to spend Christmas with us. We have been spending Christmas┬átogether for 10 years now since Nanay came home from working outside the country. Its our way of making those years that Nanay didn’t spend Christmas with us.

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