If Your Child Has Been Invited To A Party, Don’t Forget To Do These 4 Things!

When your child starts making friends, it’s inevitable they will be invited to their birthday party. Parties are a great way for your child to be social, and you can have a chat with the other parents too. There are some important things you should do, though when your child is invited to a party.


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Answer the invite

When your child receives an invite to a party, you need to make sure you respond and inform them that you will be going. It’s polite to let them know, after all, the parent has gone to a lot of effort to purchase invites for the children. It also lets them prepare enough food and games for the kids that are coming along. You can buy an RSVP, which will be a kind gesture they will appreciate. It’s important to respond so that you keep on a friendly basis with the parent in question. After all, you don’t want to end up like this parent who got invoiced and threatened with legal action after failing to turn up for a friends party!

Check if siblings can go

If your child has been invited to a party, it’s best to check if their sibling can go, before just assuming they can. You will have to make likely other arrangements for them to be babysat while you are at the party with your child. Some parents are happy for the siblings to come, especially if their child has played with them before. Normally, if it’s at the home, then this would be okay. But if they have arranged for an activity, it can be a costly extra for them to fork out for your kid’s sibling. If you can’t find babysitting, you could always offer to pay for your other child to be able to come along.

Buy a present and a card

It’s imperative that you take the child a gift and a card if your kid has been kindly invited along to the party. A card is definitely a must if you can’t afford a present. If you are stuck for ideas of gifts, you could ask the parent for some ideas of gifts their child would like. Also, look at the time of the year when considering what to buy. For example, in summer, you could get something for outside the home. Here’s the best mini trampoline you could purchase for the kid. If it’s winter, a toy for inside would be great.

Check the dress code

You need to check with the parent what activities the kids will be doing during the party. If they are going outside, you need to make sure they are dressed in warm clothes. Also, if it’s fancy dress, you will need to find a costume for your child which can take a lot of time and effort. Also, if they are going to a bowling alley or an ice skating rink, they need to make sure they have protective clothing. Then they are kept comfortable and safe while having fun.

Remember that if you follow the above, you and your child will have a great time, and will please the host of the party.

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