I Switch To Pantene

FYI!! This is an overdue post.

For almost a year I have been using Pantene conditioner. Switching to another brand of conditioner is not my plan. My hair was falling more than the normal hair fall when I tried few brands of shampoo and conditioners hoping to stop hair fall problem but to avail. Until I decided to ask for professional help. I was advice to use baby shampoo and stoped using conditioner.

In time when my hair fall problem stops, I recieved my welcome freebie from EVERYDAYME. A Pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner. Hesitated to used it because I was not satisfied when I tried using Pantene shampoo. However, I like the smell of Pantene conditioner so I was tempted to used it hoping I wont regret it. The fruity smell is very tempting, I must say. Salamat naman at hiyang ang buhok ko.

 photo CYMERA_20160417_182758_zpsjijgx0hn.jpg

So now you know the reason why I switch the other brand I have been using for many years to Pantene. Its a bit expensive though compared to other leading brand but it is worth it.

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