I Promise

Oh! I know I am a certified slacker. I have been slacking lately. The promise of keeping this blog updated in a regular basis really sucks. This blog is my latest baby and I should put more effort to post an update every now and then.

But anyway, I will promise again. I’ll make sure to make this baby updated. The plan of making this blog a niche blog might not happen. I simply find it hard to focus in one topic. I think I’ve a lot of things to consider if I make this blog a niche one. I am still in a lookout for a perfect theme layout and I don’t believe I can find one soon as I am not really serious in finding any. I still want to get a customize blog layout for my blogs. Hopefully the designer that I contacted few months ago will contact soon. I already have a tagline for this blog. I will still post reviews of the products I am using and other topics that gasp my interest.

I do have some products reviews in line but because I reformatted my notebook and I’ve lost the edited photos I need to redo it again. Just because I am “maarte” sometimes and I want my own photos posted in any of my blog I need to wait until I am in the mood to edit photos.

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