I-Coolgreen Carrier AC

In times of dry (summer) season having an aircondition in your home is a luxury. It is also this time that I wish Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) didn’t damage our aircon. The thought of having a good night sleep when its freaking hot outside keep lingering on my thoughts. Wishing that one day I can experience having cold room once again and a good sleep during summer time. I guess the boyfriend heard my silent wish 😀 because few weeks ago he asked me to check how much it will cost us to buy new aircon. As a good girlfriend (winks) I immediately followed his instruction without thinking that I will buy it the soonest. Perhaps, I have been a good girlfriend because he sent the money I need for the aircon a week after.

 photo IMG_20160613_064811_zpsbzhvjbui.jpg
Photo is mine

Hence I have allergy and asthma I plan to buy something that is good for my health. Good thing I-COOLGREEN CARRIER airconditioner was available. It has Sasa-Zeolite plus Vitamin C filter that maintain strong deodorizing and anti-virus filter. It also has Bio-enzyme and Gingko Filter that maintain strong purifying and anti-allergy filter.

After installing, my cousin who helps installed the aircondition noticed the good smell when he entered our room. No doubt I agree with him.

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