How To Be A Useful Member Of The PTA

When it comes to our children’s education, the only thing we want is the best for them. A great way of being able to have your input heard is by joining your children’s school PTA (parent/teacher association). This is usually where meetings are held to discuss matters that have been going on within the school and it’s a place where parents and teachers can discuss new ideas so that the children are getting the best education possible. Here are some tips on how you can become a useful member of the PTA and have your thoughts and views listened to.

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Chat to other parents and gather their views

A great way of bringing plenty of opinions to the table is by talking to other parents in the playground before and after school. You will find that there are many mixed opinions on different matters, and some parents might come up with some brilliant solutions that you could mention at your next PTA meeting. One of the biggest issues in school is head lice. If you can come up with a reasonable solution for children that are sent in with head lice, then you’re onto a winner.

Suggest educational trips

School trips are always fun for children to attend because it’s a day out from the classroom and it’s a different way of learning than normal. Do some research on educational days out that the school could arrange for the children and bring those ideas to your PTA meeting. A great way of teaching children is outdoors, and NST have a fabulous range of trip ideas for you to take a look at. It might also be a good idea to show the board the website so that you can all come to an agreement on a school trip to arrange for your children.

Think about financial situations of other parents

While you want only the best for your child, your feelings are mutual with every other parent at the school – in the PTA or not. Don’t forget to keep in mind financial situations of other parents. As you’re already aware, the money that you spend on uniforms alone is increasing in price each year never mind all of the other expenses that you’re expected to fork out for. When you’re bringing ideas forward for the PTA to discuss, try to bear in mind how much this will cost parents as some might not be able to afford it and their child will be at a loss.

Always keep an open mind

One thing that many people (never mind parents) fail to do in life is to keep an open mind with all situations. Everyone is allowed an opinion and no opinion is wrong. There might be an issue that you’re discussing at the school that you don’t agree with the way the school handle it. Just always try and remember to keep an open mind about the situation. For example, bullying should never be tolerated, but some people have very different approaches to how to discipline the child.

Keep these ideas in mind and you will become and useful and well sought after member of the PTA!

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