How much healthier is filtered water than tap water, is it worth the expense?

People often find themselves torn deciding between filtered water and tap water. These days filtered water is widely used all over the world. It comes in a fancy bottle with a label indicating the brand it belongs to. Tap water maybe convenient to get because you can always walk up to your kitchen and fill up your glass. But nowadays people know better than that. They are aware of the pollutants and contaminations which could be dissolved in their water. So they think about getting filtered water.

Although tap water is inexpensive and easy on the budget, it may not be the safest option. But a lot of people are these days concerned about the quality of the bottled water. They find themselves wondering if bottled water is actually safe or at least safer than tap water, or is it just another unworthy expense that they bear.
However, bottled water isn’t the only option that there is for pure water. You can also try filtered water which has proven to be very healthy and economical.

With so many options of water available out there it can be tough to pick one out of the other. To help you out, below we have talked about a few popular water sources.

What’s in the bottle?
Bottled water is purified and packaged which is later sold to us. However it should be kept in mind that since it is kept in a bottle, it shouldn’t be kept for long because when bottled water is exposed to sunlight it creates harmful chemicals in the water. So you should consume it sooner rather than later and also check out its expiry date just to be safe.

Filtration process
Filters eliminate a lot of dangerous contaminants as compared to any other water purification methods, and since they are innovatively build to work with municipally treated water they perform way better. The water that is purified by filters is not vulnerable to phthalate contamination, and the filters are also successfully able to eliminate cryptosporidium from drinking water, an achievement that has neither been managed by municipal water treatment plants nor has it been achieved by bottled water companies. Apart from that, having a source of filtered water proves to be way more economical than bottled water. To get filter water in your house there are plenty of options which you can opt for. For example you can try water filtration plants and check to see if there are any such plants near your house or not. If you don’t have a filtration plant near your house then you can think of installing a filter in your house. It would you way less than water bottles would and it would be convenient as well. All you would have to do is to install the filter in your house and you will have pure water whenever you open up the tap.

Furthermore, because water filters use no more energy than is already required to propel water through a home’s plumbing system, they circumvent several of the environmental problems of the bottled water industry.

Apart from the price factor filtered water is better than bottled water because you can never be sure of the source of the water and the level of purity it has with bottled water. For all you know you could be spending money on contaminated water, which is why it is way better for you to get filtered water.

One thing that should be kept in mind, however, is that the quality of your water would depend upon what kind of water filter are you using. So if you are using a high-end reliable filter then you can rest assured that your water will be full of minerals and pure of any contaminations.

By purchasing a point-of-use water filter, like a counter top, faucet, or under the sink water filter, you can ask to get your local water quality report in order to determine what contaminants are being filtered by your home filter.

A lot of suppliers also sell pre-filters or specialty filters that can be added, if required, to get rid of specific water contaminants from your source water.

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