Holiday Shopping Tips

It’s the last day of September, at exactly 18 hours we will be welcoming the month of October. Yay, holiday season is fast approaching. I am certain that most of us are looking forward for holiday shopping, parties and present. As for me, I am excited shopping for the little one, nephews and nieces. Every year the boyfriend would ask me to shop something for them as his Christmas present. I am hoping and praying it will be different this time around. I am really excited and looking forward for a big change in my life. I don’t want to disclose what change I am talking about as I want to keep mum about it right now but rest assure I will share it one day when I feel like sharing it.

Anyway, going back to holiday season, I am from a country wherein there is no Black Monday. Few years ago, I only shopped for four kids but this year I will be shopping for nine kids. Oh! Yes, my family is growing and it’s a daunting task for me to shop for them especially that I am particular in quality when shopping. So keeping within our budget is not easy.

I and the boyfriend haven’t talk about our plan for the kid’s coming holiday season but as early as now I am preparing for it as I want to save some this year. As my means of saving I want to follow the shopping tips I have in mind, hopefully I can do it.

Make a List

As I mentioned earlier I will be shopping for nine kids this time around so I will be making a list of the items I want to buy for them. I am a practical gift giver so buying clothes is what I usually do but the boyfriend will still ask me to ask the kids what they want to receive from Santa. Last year, I was thinking of not giving another set of gift for the kids as the clothes is enough already. But since it is the boyfriend who gives the budget he has the last say/decision.

Shop Early

In my country, there are few sales/clearance sales happening in the department stores and in the mall before the holiday season. It would be a great opportunity for me to buy the things I need to buy for the kid if I already have the budget.

Look Around and Compare Price

I am a lazy shopper, so usually I just buy all the things I need to buy in one place. I know it not practical as I might found the items I am buying in a discounted price in another store so this year I aim to do it.

Stay Within the Budget

For the past year, staying within the budget that I and the boyfriend planned is difficult. With this I usually get some amount from my own pocket. This year I try not to spend any from my own pocket and use the amount in further holiday expenses.

Online Shopping

I seldom shop online but one thing I found out in shopping online is that there are lots of good deals offered. I am considering on trying it this year although this would be my last resort to save some.

As I said earlier I am not a good shopper but I hope the above tips will help me and other shopper in one way or another. Happy Shopping!!!

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