Hair Pampering

My cousin who is working in a salon arrived few days ago for two weeks vacation. As you all know I only trust my cousin to do my hair as I was not satisfied of the outcome when I had my hair done in a salon in town. So my hair gets an attention she needed once a year when my cousin is here.

 photo new-hair1_zps9bb2c4ff.jpg

I always like Ahglow rebonding cream because of the shinny effect on my hair. Same goes with the bremond hair coloring as I’ve been using this brand for two years in a row and I didn’t encounter any allergy reaction.

So yesterday he started doing my hair, rebonding takes ample of times. Hence he will be coloring my hair after the rebonding process he decided to do the coloring today. Aside from rebonding and coloring I also had a hair treatment. Hopefully, my hair will be as good as it is now after three days. I am advice not to wash my hair in three days and after that we will find out if the result is good or not. But then again I trust my cousin so I am confident that everything will turn out good after three days.

 photo new-hair_zpsfae2c477.jpg

 photo new-hair2_zpsd311ffda.jpg

the hair color is more visible under the sunlight


  1. wow, nice! I hope i also know someone who could rebond my hait. like it! 🙂

    • Prettymom says:

      for the past couple of years i prefer my cousin to do my hair so just in case the result didn’t turn out good i can easily approach my cousin to re-do the rebonding.. 🙂

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