Good TV Shows For Tweens

When you have growing children in your household, it’s hard to keep them interested in something for very long. You take them outside when you can, you help them with their homework, and you try to keep them out of the fridge after dark. And yet, there’s a lot you still have to work with them on! So if you’re looking for something your child can get a little more interested in in one of the most developmental parts of their life, turn to the television.

Of course this sounds a little counterproductive, but there’s a lot you can learn when you’re watching something on the TV; more importantly, there’s a lot of fun to be had whilst doing it! Here’s some programs or genres to try having a family night in with, so pick up some snacks on the way home!

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Something Educational

There’s a difference between shows on the television that are actually educational and ones that just use big words to sound impressive. Finding that distinction only takes a little bit of effort, and it’s a good way to get your kid sat down with a bit of focus to learn something in their free time.

Something like Sesame Street has always been a popular educational show for adults to turn to when their child is rapidly growing up, but your kid may feel like they’ve grown out of watching puppets talk on screen. And yet, a lot of the best educational shows on the air have long since been taken off of the public domain, but you can still find them on youtube. Try out things like ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’, or ‘Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ for a real trip into knowledge.

Try Some Anime

So we have to balance all that learning with a little bit of down time, don’t we? However, kids aren’t too interested in cartoons anymore. But, the good thing about anime is that it often breaks outside of the realm of childhood saturday mornings. There’s a reason so many adults are interested in watching after all!

So we hear the terms ‘anime’ and ‘manga’ a lot, and they can be a bit confusing at first! The first thing to know is that anime isn’t just something to see online across the multiple adverts and chat sites, and is a lot more approachable than it seems. Rather, it can be a good way to bring your growing child into a more fun and interactive world. Something like Ouran Host Club, which has a low age rating, means there’s some perfect programs to get started with whilst your children are still young. You never know, they could end up with a lot of artistic interest throughout the rest of their teen years!

There’s a lot of TV shows out there on all channels in the world, and hand picking the best is going to be hard. Use these recommendations to your advantage, and listen to what your child loves!

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