Going Solo & Not Going Broke Is Possible

The chances are when you got pregnant with your little ones; you thought that as they grew up, you will still be happily living with your partner, and would have two incomes coming in. However, if you are now single, for one reason or another, and flying solo, then you may be struggling with your finances. It’s easy to make the assumption that you can’t cope without the help and support of your ex-partner, but the fact is that isn’t true – there are millions of single parents across the world bringing up their kids on just one wage, so there’s no need to panic because it is doable. To ensure that you are able to parent solo and not go broke, below are some useful tips and pieces of advice to take note of.

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Clip coupons

When you are bringing up your kids on one income, you need to save as much money as possible wherever you can. That means being willing to flick through magazines and browse websites like this one here, to find all of the best coupons to cut out and use online or at your local store. You might not fancy spending your free time looking for coupons, but the fact is, if it will help to make life as a single parent more affordable, it’s worth it. The fact is that the more money you can save, the better, as it will help to make day to day life that little bit easier for you.

Have a budget and stick to it

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The key to success when it comes to bringing up little ones on just your income is to ensure that you have a budget in place and always stick to it. If you want to make living on a small income easier to do, having a budget in place that determines what you can spend on different things, such as your food, bills, and car, is important. If you know where every penny of your money is going, it will make the process of living on a small amount of money each month, that little bit easier.

Get help from your ex-partner

If your ex-partner doesn’t already contribute to your children’s upbringing in some way or another, then it’s important to request help from them. The fact is that the law states that both parents need to contribute to their children’s upbringing in some way, so it shouldn’t just be you who is having to do so. If you are unsure what you would be entitled to or how to start the process, it’s worth making an appointment to speak to a lawyer, so that you can get a better idea of where you stand in the eyes of the law.

Being a single parent isn’t easy, especially when money is tight. However, the good news is that it is possible to successfully raise little ones on a small income, it’s just a case of being smart about it. Sure, there will be tough times,but you will get through them.

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