Going On A Casual Date

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Been writing about online dating recently. And today, I am going do write another online dating article. I am glad that I never run out of words to say.

Often times I asked myself what is the best formula in having near to perfect relationship. I can not say that I am well experienced when it comes to love and dating because honestly speaking I only have two serious relationship aside from the current relationship I have which is by far the longest I had. For me, trust and honestly is the basic tools to have a smooth sailing relationship. But of course it is not always about trust and honesty, the most important is putting God as the center of the relationship.
Keeping a relationship is not easy as we think it is. It entails a lot of work specially if is a long distance relationship.

Lucky those who have found their partner without being in a failed relationship. Having to go through a lot of failed relationship might change once outlook about love and dating to the point that casual dating have become an option. Casual dating comes when a person is not yet ready to take another heartache or perhaps he/she just want to enjoy the chance of being available if someone ask for a date.

However finding someone who is willing to be in a casual relationship can be daunting. It is this time when online dating site that cater No Strings Attached and adult dating sites comes in a handy. Online dating changed a lot compared when I give it a try fifteen years ago. Everybody aimed to met someone for long term relationship. So I am bit surprised to know about nostringsdating.net exist. Giving way to those who want to be in fling and casual relationship. This online dating site is also best for companionship whenever you felt alone and need someone to talk with.

Here are few tips/rules for casual dating.


Be Honest
Be clear on what you want before anything. Tell him/her that you are not ready for a serious relation. By doing this, heartaches can be prevented.

If you’re dating more than one at a time don’t talk about it to your other dates. It is not a comfortable topic to talk with. Even those who are in a casual dating do have feeling, you know. So respect is important.

Go Out Have Fun
Do like other normal couple do. Go out on date! Go watch movie, dine out or anything that you thing that excite both of you. By doing this, it will add spice on your casual dating experience.


Know When To Stop
Since you choose to be in a casual relationship wherein feeling is not involve knowing when to stop is a must. If you feel like you are starting to fall then its time for you stop.


Be Safe
Whether you are looking for casual dating or you simply want to enjoy art of flirting always remember to be safe all the times. Going to public places is a good choice when going to a date.

That’s all for now. If you have more tips to share I would gladly add it on my next blog post about dating.

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