Gearing Up For The Prom Night

So Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. Are you ready to celebrate the joyous and festive season of the year?

Anyway, time flies so fast and before we know it some of us will be busy searching plus size prom dress for our daughters. There is no doubt that attending prom night is one of the exciting events that teenagers look forward. I can still vividly remember the feeling when I attended my first prom night. It was full of fun.

So if you happen to have a daughter or son who is going to attend the prom night I urge you to start your search now for you to have enough time for the preparation. Plus size women can also wear sexy on that important event.


  1. Sad to say, I am not yet ready. There are lots of deadlines to finish. And oh prom nights are coming too, good thing my son is still small but this is one event I am looking forward to.

    Mommy Maye

  2. My four year old loves to dress up like a princess. I’m sure we will have lots of fun choosing her dress when she’s old enough to attend a prom. Visiting from CommEx!

  3. next year will be my sisters prom night. i am excited for her.. 🙂

  4. Don’t worry. You’re daughter will still shine with any dress that see will wear. 😀

    I envy you. Haven’t been able to join prom nights.

  5. Choosing the right fit and design for your prom dress is a must so you’ll feel comfortable during the big night.

  6. My prom night was sad because I broke up with my bf then.

  7. I super enjoyed my senior prom. I remember being in an emerald gown. It will still be a long way before my daughter attends her prom but I will be as excited as her on that day.

  8. yes! time really flies fast..this reminds me of my prom nights before..heheheh..and now, i am preparing and looking forward for the prom nights of my niece and nephew..

  9. Good thing I have nephews and not nieces hehehe. It’s much simpler and cheaper choosing prom attires for boys

  10. Yeah, time flies by so quickly sooner or later it will be March again, time for prom days! I miss my prom days! lol

  11. That’s good thing about shopping online because there are online stores these days specifically made for plus size ladies unless you go to a tailor and order for a customized dress

  12. definitely yes! JS prom is one of fave event during high school years

  13. hahaha, this is an early reminder…my son will be having his prom night by february

  14. Prom is the least of my worries because my daughter is still in kendergarten..whew!

  15. AH yes, after Christmas and New Year Celebration, here comes the VALENTINE season.

  16. Did you know that even the young men also have very expensive suits? I never expected that at all!

  17. I wished I was able to take a picture of him during that day this year but I was out of town… they have grown up so fast!

  18. Although my eldest is still below 10, yes time flies so fast. Next thing I know, it’ll be his prom night as well. I think I am going to cry! huhuhu! Good luck on your daughter’s prom! 🙂

  19. Wow. Preparing for prom this early? I hope teens just enjoy Christmas first.

  20. I never had a prom night! **sob 🙁 I went to a very strict Catholic school, the administration didn’t approve our plea to have a prom.
    I do agree on shopping early for a special event, that would give you a lot of time to choose the perfect prom dress.

  21. Kids are still in preschool so I still have about 12 or so years before I need to worry about prom nights – and prom dates!

  22. we always had our prom outfits tailor-made…i believe this is still the best way to go bec you can get the design you want in your size 🙂

  23. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to prepare early for Prom night. When I went to the prom medyo mabilisan ang preparation eh, hehe 🙂

  24. i am already excited with the upcoming christmas…a reunion of my famuly

  25. It is still early to prepare for the prom. but it is nice to prepare in advance rather than cramming on what to wear.

  26. My nephew is already excited. It is his senior year! I’m excited as well, but suits are so expensive to own or even to rent nowadays.

  27. My son has turned from size XXL to XL( and about 5’11 in height)… a real big change and so he can now dress up better. It took him great discipline in his diet!

  28. IT will be a long time before my kids attend a prom. I’m not sure how I will be feeling when that time comes but I’m cherishing and enjoying their childhood now.

  29. My baby is still almost 9-months old, so no worries for now. But prom nights are so exciting for young ladies! 🙂

  30. I felt teary eyed when I saw my daughter on her prom clothes during her junior and senior years.

  31. attended my prom when I was in third year we didn’t have a prom on my 4th year. I love the experience of choosing my dress for the prom, it made me feel so grown up then. And yes I agree with you plus size women can also wear sexy clothes. :–)

  32. Oo nga after the holidays , prom nights naman, then graduation. Walang katapusang gastusan noh? Anyway, it’s good to be prepared early for every occasion to carefully plan every detail so we won’t have any regret in the end.

  33. I’m looking forward for the prom nights few more years from now.

  34. you don’t have to be really skinny to be sexy. look at queen latifah. I think she’s gorgeous and sexy

  35. I didnt enjoy my prom because I was such a shy girl back then hehe. But Im sure for you it must have brought good memories 🙂 As a mom, Im sure youll enjoy helping your daughter choose a gown etc.. goodluck!

  36. I very well remember my prom night. Parents were not allowed to attend the ball. But unfortunately, I only experience the Senior Prom since /they had to stop it because of Islamic rules our school was obliged to follow. No Junior Prom years for me. I graduated in the Middle East by the way that’s why. Hayst… HS life is always the best.

    CE 12/18

  37. When I was in HS our school conducted a simple prom night. Nothing fancy yet it was quite memorable. Happy holidays too!

  38. I am now ready too. We will be counting down the remaining hours of 2012 while watching the fireworks display of World’s Tallest Tower, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 🙂 Hope it will be a blast. Happy new year everyone!

  39. I really thought the guys would just wear long sleeved shirts with tie! So shocked to know they wore suits! … Just waiting what he would say for this year!

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