Gear Up On Cold Weather

For some countries it the time of the year to shop for winter clothes and ski jackets or search the old winter clothes that still fits you from the wardrobe.

I was browsing my friend’s photos while she is playing her daughter on the snow then I imagine myself playing in the snow with the little one. I am pretty sure it is fun considering the fact that my son has been dreaming of wearing the ski jacket he got from my Aunt.

Oh well, who knows one day I and the little one will have a chance to play in the snow.

But for those who are living in another country you should start preparing for the winter season.


  1. We’re actually lucky coz we save a lot on wardrobe and have no need to change a closetful of clothes everytime the season changes. 🙂 But, yes, we also dream of playing in the snow someday and getting all wrapped up in furry ski jackets. 😀

  2. The weather has certainly turn cold earlier this year. I can see snow in most places even though it just turned Nov.

  3. I easily get cold so winters would be very difficult for me.

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