Five 70-s Hairstyles You Can Recreate Today to Look Trendy

In case you are fed up with looking the same as your friends, and are searching for an inspiration to create a unique look, you can look back at the styles of the 70s. There are great trends for everyday appearance, parties, and they are likely to be coming back in a few years’ time. Find out more about the best hairstyles of the 70s and learn how to recreate them in 2017.

1. Shaggy Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, you can recreate the shaggy curls bob from the 70-s. This simple medium length hairstyle is perfect with a hair band, or a scarf tied around your head. The style is great for people who have naturally curly and thick hair, and would like to get their face framed better by their hair. To make this look contemporary, you can add highlights to emphasize the natural curls.

2. Long Straight Hair

Morguefile license image via TheresaOtero

This classic hairstyle was born by every girl in the 70s who agreed with the message of the hippy generation. If you don’t have straight hair, you might want to get a permanent straightening solution or treatment, and get rid of your fringe. Parting your hair in the middle is a must, and you can look romantic with your hair down, while getting plenty of chances to create stylish buns and do-ups.

3. Textured Pageboy Bob

A perfect low-maintenance haircut that frames your face perfectly, while creating a playful look. If you don’t have a thick hair, or have very fine hair, you can use this textured style to increase the volume and lighten up your head. This look is great combined with long earrings, different clips, and hair accessories. The pageboy look can be textured to give you more hair, or flattened and straightened to create a more serious appearance.

4. Dolly Parton Curls

“Dolly Parton” by Jason Sussberg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are wondering what’s hot in 2017, the last thing you would think of is Dolly Parton’s style. The iconic singer’s hairstyle is, however, coming back. It is best described as an inspired mess. To create this hairdo, you will need loads of hairspray and large curlers. If you would like to look elegant and playful at the same time, you need to try this hairstyle. Add a band to complete the look.

5. Blunt Bangs

This style is definitely having a comeback. You can create large bangs with almost any hairstyle. Get a contemporary bob or a medium layered haircut, combine this with a long straight hair and tape in hair extensions, and make a statement. You are likely to benefit from this 70-s style if you have a long face, and a thick, shiny straight hair. Remember that if you have wavy hair, you will have to straighten your bangs every day.


Whenever you feel like you need to change your hairstyle, try thinking outside of the box and look back at successful trends of the past. The 70s offers great inspiration for creating your personal look. Check out the most successful trends, try them on using an online makeover tool, and you are good to go.


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