First Update Of July

I am still recovering from a bad asthma attack. I have been staying in bed most of the time for the past couple of days. Yesterday, the boyfriend forced me to visit my doctor. I may not be an obeying girlfriend always but when it comes to my health and welfare the boyfriend doesn’t accept “NO” for an answer. He will force me do what he wants me to do. I am glad I followed him as I feel better now. I am taking antibiotic aside from my usual asthma medicine.

After buying the prescribe medicine I and the little one headed to The Athlete’s Foot Store located at the mall to buy his spike shoe. Thanks to my boyfriend for pampering the little one. I will be sharing photos of the shoe on my next post.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here. I just don’t want to let this day pass without an update. It’s the first day of July and I want it to start with a positive vibes and attitude.

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