Excited For The Holiday Season..

..who is not anyway.

In a week or so I will start putting up our Christmas décor. I guess I have enough of Christmas balls and other décor so I won’t be buying any this year.

I am wishing that this Christmas will be different from my Christmases. I will keep you guys guessing what will make this Christmas different if ever. But rest assure I will be sharing it you guys as soon as the plan materialized. For now, I shall make the list of what I need to buy in celebration of Jesus birth.

I am quite sure most of you have started shopping and maybe there are few who want to get ibanez artcore at musicians friend. There is no doubt that it’s a perfect gift for musically inclined individual. Well, I don’t know to play a guitar but if someone give it to me as present I would gladly accept it with a big smile


  1. Our house is already Christmasly decorated as early as October. Our two kasambahays were so excited and had decorated everything themselves. hindi na ako ng effort hehe..

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