Excited For His Birthday

For some reason the little big tot is extra excited for his upcoming birthday. He will turn 13 in two weeks. But he started singing Happy Birthday song for as early as November. Before he will remind me about his birthday a month or two after his birthday. I know its exaggarated since he just celebrates his birthday and he is starting to look forward for this next birthday.

Anyway, I dont have any plan yet for his birthday. Though I and the boyfriend talked about it already but no specific plan yet.

The little big tot will turn into a teeneger. I am glad that I not yet in a situation that I need to deal with him having girlfriend. I believed it will not happen in the near future, that is what I want to believe though. I guess I am not ready yet. Thankful it is not on his mind yet.

I know I cannot deny the fact that being a teeneger needs a lot of attention because it is the time wherein they start to be curious of so many things and would like to try some thing. I am praying that the little big tot will ne responsible of anything he do.

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