Eco-Friendly Gown Inquiry

For the past couple of years I have recieved inquiry about my post on eco-friendly gown that I posted few years ago. The gown was designed and made by a good friend. Sadly, we were not able to help those who inquired because of the location. My friend would love to design another eco friendly gown if not the hassle of sending the gown to another place. He is afraid that gown will not be in a good condition when it arrive the customer because of mishandling.
 photo CYMERA_20160928_171833_zpshodipavw.jpg
The designer and his creation

I have been thinking of sharing another creation of my friend for quite sometimes now. The latest inquiry reminded me to post the costumes as soon as possible because if I will not do it now I will not do it in the future. Forgive me if I’ll have to blurry my friends face bacause I didnt ask his permission to post his picture.

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