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Just recently two of my friends were hired to decorate a wedding reception. I know they did a good job although I didn’t see the venue myself for I have witness how this two friends work. They are the one who decorated the buffet table on the little one seventh birthday bash last year.

I know for sure, if they have enough capital they are sure running their own business now. I know a business like this needs a big capital. The cloth alone that they will use in decoration and table cloth can be expensive. But then, this is not really an issue if they have someone to help them with the capital to start the business. They can find wide selection of burlap tablecloth here without spending too much.

Well, if I have big savings I am willing to finance my friends as I know they have talent and I trust them.


  1. If your heart is into it, then go! 🙂 In my case, since I went to 5 weddings last year, I wanted to be a wedding planner! hahaha

  2. Hope that your friends will be able to start their own business soon.

  3. Going into business with friends is complicated. But if you lay the groundwork carefully, it can be a successful endeavor. Good luck on whatever you decide about it.

  4. That would be a good start for your friends to go into business! I think that would be a very interesting one.

  5. hope they soon acquired capital for their business

  6. Having a good table setting for any occasion adds to the mood of the celebration. 🙂

  7. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. Hope you friends find success in their ventures.

  8. Going into business may be difficult. Make sure you studied it well… prepare for it…choose a field you really like yourself!

  9. I wanted to go into business also this year. That’s one of my goals, although it may be hard, thinking of the end goal will help you get started. Go for it and maybe also think of ways how you could be more involved than just financing your friends. 🙂 Good luck!

  10. These days when going into business, a lot need to be considered, even business papers.

  11. Having your own business will really need extra capital but still it depends on the type of business. Like ours, we are selling handmade crochet items. All we need to buy are yarns and hooks. When it comes to patterns, there is Mr. Google who helps us.

  12. Why not invest on them? If you trust them, you can invest at their skills and you guys can form a good business or even a company.

  13. If you are able to help, you can become a silent partner or get more involved. Sounds like it could be a positive for all of you.
    Eliz bc blogger

  14. I agree that all business need capital, almost, if not all. Good luck to your venture. I also have a business btw, a photobooth business. If you guys are interested I can give you a discount just contact me hehe 🙂

  15. Good to know you have friends who can be your business partners you trust.

  16. Going into business is not an easy task it needs a lot of patience, time and of course money.

  17. Naku, going into a legit business is such a tedious process. In permits alone, you’d be spending a hefty amount already. Hay, I wish our government was more friendly to entrepreneurs.

  18. in business i think its important that you love what you do in order to sustain it.

  19. some businesses such as this have to put down large amounts of capital to get the materials in the beginning but once everything is bought then the profits can be very rewarding

  20. there is no harm in trying. As you’ve said, they have the skills. May be you can let them know you’re willing to finance if they want to.

  21. One way to be your own boss is to discover what you can do that people will pay you for. Your friends have found that. I hope they really go into business and find success. 🙂

  22. Starting a business is not at all easy, but if they love decorating for ceremonies and are good at it, then why not?

  23. How lucky are your friends to have you boast on them online. 🙂 Who knows, you may have a capital to make a business together nga. Best of lucks (may “s” para madami, hihihi) to you guys.

  24. goodluck to your friends

  25. You really need to invest a large amount when starting a business like this. But if you are really good at it, then you can regain it in a few months. If you have the heart for it, then go. Good luck!

  26. they nice selection of table cloths. 🙂 time to invest..

  27. Like in financial seminar I have attended with capital is not a reason for you not to start your business if you have time and knowledge.

  28. It’s nice to put up a business with someone you trust. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  29. For me , i would like to express to the Universe that I want my own pastry business! I know having a business is like A to z work and details but I believe if its something that is in your heart, the universe will all make it fall smoothly into place.

  30. It’s really nice to come up with a business of our own noh? Especially these days that practicality is always at steak and people have lots of things to consider lalo na if it’s a wedding and birthdays.

  31. I want to get into business someday soon once I study and know my market well

  32. It is okay to start small. Hope they find success in their new business venture!

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