Couch, Cats and Costs: Being Able To Build A Workable Business From Home

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If you have the luxury of running a business from home, then you are one of the lucky ones! Being able to coordinate a team of people from your home and only requiring a wi-fi connection, a mobile phone and a means of transport is great, but are there actually advantages to running a company from home? Or is it a recipe for disaster? How can a business grow when none of the employees need to head into the office? Here are some upsides and downsides to running your own business with no fixed abode.

The Building Costs Are Practically Nothing

Without needing a central base of operations, you can sidestep the cost of renting or buying a building. In addition to that, you can nicely sidestep costs that pop up, such as maintenance, health and safety and insurance costs. However, a lot of workers like being able to leave their home to work somewhere free of distractions. Working from home can save you money, but there is no separation between work and home life. Changing the scenery, like as a coffee house or going out in the garden can help with this. As some people feel they go to work to get a break from home life, maybe you will feel the same too.

Online Payment Is Easier To Manage

With tighter security measures around ordering items from online stores, people feel more at ease when it comes to typing in credit card numbers. All you need is to set up a simple online payment account, and you are ready to go! The downside in that is that it depends on the advancement of your processing machines. There is a chance of high risk credit card processing if you have limited technology when it comes to your payment systems.


Being Able To Communicate Easier

With all of your employees accessible at the end of a phone, or via Skype, being able to communicate within a business has never been easier. You can schedule meetings via online organizer programs, and you can have a video conference call. Or you can have private meetings with colleagues without having to leave your home. All you need is a reliable internet connection. A negative about this is that your communication is almost exclusively reliant on a good internet connection. It depends on your location. If there are issues that day, communication can be very limited.

You Can Take The Business To Where The Customers Are

The great thing about running a business with no fixed abode is that you can get your trade to where there is the most need for it. The downside to working out of your car can be dependant on how much filling your fuel tank will cost. With fuel prices constantly changing, the expense to travel a long distance may mean you would break even financially.
More businesses take their trade online, and more people take their work home and stay there. If you are thinking about following the trend, make sure it is for you before you enter the world of running a mobile business.

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