Comfy And Stylish Footwear

When buying shoes I go for quality and comfort. But there are times I just buy something that my eyes find stunning and gorgeous without thinking what will happen to my feet if I wear the shoes for few hours. It happened once, I bought a sandal that is trendy and when I tried wearing it for few hours it hurt my feet to the point that I bought a fitflop to avoid my feet of getting hurt more. Since then, I promise to myself not to be an impulsive buyer when it comes to footwear.

Few weeks ago, I was looking an orthotic sandals on display at the mall. I don’t have any plan of buying one in the future but if I have extra money I want to buy one for my Nanay. She needs footwear of this kind.


  1. When choosing footwear, the first consideration for me is actually the style…what would deter me from buying gorgeous footwear is if they hurt my feet in any way. So it’s important to really walk it around a bit before buying…get a feel of it.

  2. when buying shoes I also go for comfort and style. πŸ™‚

  3. Comfort over style is the way to go when choosing footwear. if you want to wear heels, make sure you bring an alternative footwear like flats in your bag. There are foldable ones that you can carry around.

  4. Comfort sure is key when buying footwear!

  5. I remember my father having those kinds of sandals. It does look weird but if it helps bring them comfort, then why not wear it.

  6. goodluck sis….hope you could buy one for your mom..a good timing since christmas is coming!

  7. I always choose comfy shoes. I love flat shoes. πŸ™‚

  8. Comfort is my number priority when it comes to shoes. Although like you, I get weak sometimes. Haha. I’m not too much of a shoe-person, but when I see something I instantly love, I just have to lay my feet on them. haha.

  9. Hi Sis, try Birkenstock and Flip flops. They’re good for the sole. If you have enough to spend for your mom, you can also visit GBX, Naturalizer and Aerosoles. All the prices in these stores are a bit high but very comfortable and therapeutic. They’re located in big malls.

  10. comfort is on the top of my list too! i mean i could not imagine wearing those shoes with heels while running around after my toddler. whew! that’s one major disaster waiting to happen.

  11. before i had kids i go for style. but now that i have 2, i go for comfort πŸ˜›

  12. I chose simple and comfortable shoes, usually flat shoes. πŸ™‚

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