Coin Collector

If there are stamp and postcards collector, there are also coin collector. I know someone who is into collecting coins. I and my friends were amazed when saw her coin collection for the first time. Imagine she already have two jars of different coins in her collection. And because her husband and some relatives are working outside the country her collection is from different countries.

I wonder if she has gold eagle coin on her collection. I know though that she has especial coin collection that she keeps in their room. I guess it’s expensive as she doesn’t display it together with her other collection.

How about you? Do you know someone who is into coin collector?


  1. my father-in-law have a wide coin collecton from other countries too. I gave him some of the coins i’ve collected from countries i have visited as a flight attendant.

  2. I also collect some coins from my travels but your friend’s collection is far better than mine.

  3. My hubby is a coin collector, so every weekend he is on eBay, bidding coins or in US mint to check what they have.

  4. My husband’s cousin is a coin collector and he’s got lots of them.

  5. colleting items such us coin is really fun coz i’m a collector too of postcard

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