Blog Theme Problem

If you are my contant visitor you probably noticed that I did a little changes on the theme. Well, not really on the theme but on my blog post. You will usually see the whole content of my recent blog¬† post. But after the Softaculous upgrade the theme of my blog messed up.¬† One of […]

My Weight Lose Journey

I remember mentioning in my previous post that I am trying to lost weight. Its been my top priority in my to do list but because losing weight is too difficult compared on gaining weight. If you want to gain weight all you have to do is and eat more. Ganyan kadali mga momshies. […]

Hello Love Month

….or should I say “hello March” a usual saying to those who are not excited for Valentines Day to come. Anyway, I know my post title is not catchy it’s more an over used sentence you can read whenever a new month is starting. It’s the second day of the month, time flies too fast. […]