My Nails Needs Attention!

It may sound exaggerated but my nails really needs some attention the soonest possible time. If my mind serves me right it’s been more than a month since I had my nail done. It is this time, when I miss those days that I am always eager to do my nails and have it painted with arts. Well, I should call Donna to come over to do my nails instead of waiting for me to do it myself because if I do it my nails will not get the attention they need soon.

Holiday Nail Art

I cannot remember the last time I posted about nail art here. I am a confessed nail polish collector. In fact I buy any color I like regardless if I am going to try using it or not. I can say I have more nail polish than those who do the nails professionally.

Anyway, in the past few weeks I have been watching video tutorials in youtube on how to do the holiday nail art. Since I don’t own the tools for nail art-ing I just try watching videos for beginners.


Its my first time doing the designs and it doest look bad I guess. The boyfriend doesnt love the idea of me wearing any nail art. He wants me to use nail polush every single day.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I am thinking on buying a new fair flat since the flat I purchased few months before the strongest typhoon made landfall in our town is already worn out. The Moving Up program of the little big boy is on Saturday yet I am not yet devided whether to buy a new flat or not.

The reason why I am hesitant to buy a new flat is because I will recieved a cash voucher that I use to shop online.

On the other note, tomorrow is a busy day for me. My nails need attention so as the hair of the little big boy. I also need to buy the ingredients I need for the menu that I am going to bring and share on the Moving Up Program on Saturday.