Never Stop Looking For Love

At young aged I always tell everybody that when I reach the right age to marry I will marry someone from the United States. Every time I saw children born with a Filipina mother and an American father they are beautiful and handsome to my eyes. I guess that is where I got the idea […]

Internet Connection Problem

For more a month I have been dealing with my internet connection problem. Its been on and off. The worst part is that I will lost the connection in time when I am about to talk to the boyfriend or when I have something to do online. Its frustrating that after changing my internet provider […]

5 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver

5 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver This is clearly your first mistake! (image pxhere) For all we know, you are the best driver in the world. Your knowledge of the Highway Code is second to none, and your driving skills are worthy of an F1 driver. On second thoughts, if any of the following signs are […]