How To Be A Useful Member Of The PTA

When it comes to our children’s education, the only thing we want is the best for them. A great way of being able to have your input heard is by joining your children’s school PTA (parent/teacher association). This is usually where meetings are held to discuss matters that have been going on within the school and it’s a place where parents and teachers can discuss new ideas so that the children are getting the best education possible. Here are some tips on how you can become a useful member of the PTA and have your thoughts and views listened to.

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Chat to other parents and gather their views

A great way of bringing plenty of opinions to the table is by talking to other parents in the playground before and after school. You will find that there are many mixed opinions on different matters, and some parents might come up with some brilliant solutions that you could mention at your next PTA meeting. One of the biggest issues in school is head lice. If you can come up with a reasonable solution for children that are sent in with head lice, then you’re onto a winner.

Suggest educational trips

School trips are always fun for children to attend because it’s a day out from the classroom and it’s a different way of learning than normal. Do some research on educational days out that the school could arrange for the children and bring those ideas to your PTA meeting. A great way of teaching children is outdoors, and NST have a fabulous range of trip ideas for you to take a look at. It might also be a good idea to show the board the website so that you can all come to an agreement on a school trip to arrange for your children.

Think about financial situations of other parents

While you want only the best for your child, your feelings are mutual with every other parent at the school – in the PTA or not. Don’t forget to keep in mind financial situations of other parents. As you’re already aware, the money that you spend on uniforms alone is increasing in price each year never mind all of the other expenses that you’re expected to fork out for. When you’re bringing ideas forward for the PTA to discuss, try to bear in mind how much this will cost parents as some might not be able to afford it and their child will be at a loss.

Always keep an open mind

One thing that many people (never mind parents) fail to do in life is to keep an open mind with all situations. Everyone is allowed an opinion and no opinion is wrong. There might be an issue that you’re discussing at the school that you don’t agree with the way the school handle it. Just always try and remember to keep an open mind about the situation. For example, bullying should never be tolerated, but some people have very different approaches to how to discipline the child.

Keep these ideas in mind and you will become and useful and well sought after member of the PTA!

Fast and Easy Ways To Get Your Small Business Out of Debt

If you operate a business then you will know how difficult it can be to keep everything under control. You will also know that it is very easy for you to get into debt as well. After all, you may take out a loan so that you can move business premises or you may take out a loan so that you can upgrade and expand. The problem is that if things do take a turn for the worst and you can’t afford to pay off the debt that you have then you may find yourself in a bad situation.

Make More Money

This may sound obvious, but one way for you to pay off your debt faster would be for you to make more money. When you have business debt, you will understand that this is way more complicated when compared to having standard consumer debt. One way for you to pay off your debt fast would be for you to try and boost your earnings by having low-cost promotions. This could be a limited time sale or you could even sell off some of your inventory as well. If you do have a large inventory then this represents a lot of tied up money, so consider getting this sorted out until you can get out of debt. If you can’t do this then consider taking out a new loan so you can pay off your old, high-interest loan. Sites such as are great for helping you out with situations like this.

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Don’t Stand for Late Payers

Late-paying customers are one of the reasons why so many people go out of business. Late payments can be really problematic so it helps to have a list of outstanding invoices. You can then have the contact information listed next to each one. Sure, some customers will refuse to pay until they are ready but when you keep track of everything it is very easy for you to get payments on time. Sometimes all you need to do is send out a polite notice, and this is the best way for you to make sure that your customers are aware that you need the payment. When your customers do pay late, you may be tempted to not declare this so you can pocket some extra cash. This is illegal, and it can land your business in more debt.

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Small Business Expenses

It can be very difficult for you to cut small business expenses because there is a high chance that you are spending money on things that you believe to be important. The problem is that you have reached the level of debt that you are at now because of your spending, so you need to go through all of your expenses while also being ruthless when it comes to your subscriptions and even your marketing tactics. This can really help you to get things back on track and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to track all of your outgoings when you stay organised.

The Important Issues to Consider When Getting a Loan

Taking out a loan is something that you can do very easily and very quickly thanks to the internet. That wasn’t always the case, and this ease of access has its downsides as well as it’s advantages. However, you need to be fully informed if you’re going to make the correct decision regarding your borrowing needs.

There are plenty of important issues that you should be thinking about carefully before you decide once and for all whether you should take out a loan and which type of loan it should be. Read on to learn more.

The Length of the Term

Long term lengths are easy to slide into because they make the monthly repayments look more appealing. That’s because the cost is lower as a result of the payments being spread over a longer stretch of time. However, the debt will hang around your neck and weigh you down. It will also mean you spend more on interest payments than you would with a shorter term length.

The Rate of Interest

The rate of interest attached to your loan is perhaps the thing that you should be paying most attention to all to. If the rate is too high, you’ll end up paying more than you need to for the money you want to borrow. Variable rates are more risky, so be careful with those too because you don’t want to get stung by a bank rate rise.

Whether You Can Get a Better Deal at a Credit Union

Credit unions are really useful for anyone who has struggled to get loans from high street banks or big lenders. But they’re not just for those people. Credit unions can be used by anyone as long as you’re willing to abide by the rules. There are often great deals to be found on loans at credit unions, and you should most definitely try them out if you haven’t before.

Secured vs Unsecured

Should your loan be secured? Or should you opt for an unsecured line of credit. The stakes are higher when you’re taking out a secured loan rather than an unsecured loan. That’s because if you fail to pay, your security, which could be your home, will be taken off you. That’s a big risk so think carefully about it.

The Role of Your Credit Score

Finally, you’re going to need to think about the health of your credit score and how it’s going to impact what deal you’re capable of getting. With a poor credit score, you will not get good terms from a mainstream lender because they will be far more cautious about lending money to you. It might be worth trying to improve your credit score before taking out a loan.

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Don’t be the kind of person who borrows money too lightly without considering the options. Those people make mistakes that can sting for a long time to come. You need to be wiser than that, so give consideration to all the issues raised above.