Going Solo & Not Going Broke Is Possible

The chances are when you got pregnant with your little ones; you thought that as they grew up, you will still be happily living with your partner, and would have two incomes coming in. However, if you are now single, for one reason or another, and flying solo, then you may be struggling with your finances. It’s easy to make the assumption that you can’t cope without the help and support of your ex-partner, but the fact is that isn’t true – there are millions of single parents across the world bringing up their kids on just one wage, so there’s no need to panic because it is doable. To ensure that you are able to parent solo and not go broke, below are some useful tips and pieces of advice to take note of.

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Clip coupons

When you are bringing up your kids on one income, you need to save as much money as possible wherever you can. That means being willing to flick through magazines and browse websites like this one here, to find all of the best coupons to cut out and use online or at your local store. You might not fancy spending your free time looking for coupons, but the fact is, if it will help to make life as a single parent more affordable, it’s worth it. The fact is that the more money you can save, the better, as it will help to make day to day life that little bit easier for you.

Have a budget and stick to it

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The key to success when it comes to bringing up little ones on just your income is to ensure that you have a budget in place and always stick to it. If you want to make living on a small income easier to do, having a budget in place that determines what you can spend on different things, such as your food, bills, and car, is important. If you know where every penny of your money is going, it will make the process of living on a small amount of money each month, that little bit easier.

Get help from your ex-partner

If your ex-partner doesn’t already contribute to your children’s upbringing in some way or another, then it’s important to request help from them. The fact is that the law states that both parents need to contribute to their children’s upbringing in some way, so it shouldn’t just be you who is having to do so. If you are unsure what you would be entitled to or how to start the process, it’s worth making an appointment to speak to a lawyer, so that you can get a better idea of where you stand in the eyes of the law.

Being a single parent isn’t easy, especially when money is tight. However, the good news is that it is possible to successfully raise little ones on a small income, it’s just a case of being smart about it. Sure, there will be tough times,but you will get through them.

The Very Best Places To Host A Business Meeting

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Hosting a business meeting isn’t as simple as you might think. I hate to put the pressure on, but a meeting can dramatically affect the relationship with those involved. It can make acquaintances. It can present opportunities. It can ruin acquaintances. It can ruin opportunities. It’s very important that you get this right, and it all starts with the venue.

Your Office. The first and most obvious consideration is to host the meeting at your office. You might already have a dedicated meeting room for the purpose, or you might have to create a makeshift one. If you’re going to host the meeting here, be sure to prepare ahead of time. So, think about refreshments, technology requirements (and backup plans) and more. And please, make sure the place is tidy! You could always look to office cleaning services to make sure you make a good impression.

Coffee Shop. If you’re thinking of hosting your meeting at a coffee shop, you’re going to need it to be an informal one. This is never a good venue when you need to be utilising technology extensively. Instead, think of the coffee shop as a relaxed location to network in a casual setting.
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Virtual Meeting. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are looking to the idea of virtual meetings as a replacement for traditional ones. This option offers a whole host of benefits that can make it much easier for you to create a good impression. As long as you’re equipped with the right software and a webcam, it’s very easy to connect multiple people over the web. It cuts down on transportation costs and allows clients from across the world to get involved.

Hired Offices. If you’re still working out of a small space with no possible way of hosting an event yourself, you can look to hired spaces. There are companies across the UK that offer offices and meeting rooms to be hired on an hourly or daily basis. Again, this takes a lot of pressure out of your hands but obviously, comes with the downside of cost. Look around, however, and you might just find a good deal to take advantage of. Don’t forget to question about parking for your clients, too!
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Schools, Colleges & Universities. If you look around, you might just find educational establishments offering their disused rooms for meeting purposes. Yet again, this is a form of a hired space, but it can often come with additional benefits. Most educational environments come with a range of tech that you can utilise, such as projectors and whiteboards. This makes it a perfect environment for your meeting…as long as there aren’t any screaming kids around!

Golf. Do you know how many business deals have been made on the golf course over the years? The answer is a lot. While this is obviously not the setting for your traditional meeting, it’s a great informal method of doing business. This sort of thing is normally reserved for acquaintances who know each other well, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Gauge the scenario before suggesting this.

When You Need Time To Heal – How To Cope Financially After An Injury

Life is full of surprises, but sometimes they can be quite unpleasant. Illness and injuries that occur can leave you in pain and in need of a lot of rest. This is almost impossible when you have children to care for. When you’re a lone parent, it makes it extra tough. After all, none of us likes having to ask for extra help from friends and family. But this can be the only way to make sure you can get back to full strength as quickly as possible.

Of course, all of this is much easier when you have a permanent form of employment with a reputable employer. You might start with a few days of sick leave on full pay. Then you can begin to take advantage of any sickness benefit they might offer. Perhaps taking your annual leave will keep the cash rolling in? Most importantly, all your other benefits such as your pension and entitlements will continue to be there.

Kids get injured all the time and manage to bounce back. It’s not so easy for adults. So what happens when, like many moms, you can’t continue working for yourself for a while? We all know when we’re self-employed that no working means no money is coming in. It’s impossible to cover the rent, the electric or even the food bill without that important income. What can you do?

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Start by taking copies of all your medical documentation. This could include medical notes from your doctor and claims or invoices from your health care provider. Was the injury you’ve sustained caused by someone else’s negligence? You could consider making a claim against them to cover these expenses. And if your work files and returns are in order, your loss of earnings may also be claimed. Websites like www.bchfirm.com will explain how this works, but it is important to start early as it can take a while.

If you are self-employed, or even if you’re not, it can be a good idea to put a sum away in a savings or insurance scheme to cover situations like this. You can then cover the bills you currently owe. Once they’re clear, you may need to adjust your lifestyle to live more frugally for a while. It’s not fair that you have to do this, but sometimes it is the only way to survive financially. The last thing you need is debt that you can’t pay in time.

Are you able to tackle any of your usual work duties while you are recuperating? Perhaps you can work from home for a few weeks? This keeps you on full pay and could help a lot with your mental and emotional well-being too. If you can’t perform your regular duties, perhaps your employer can provide lighter duties so you don’t miss out on your wage? If you’re stuck at home, why not try to pick up some work from home jobs for a while?

Injuries happen when we least expect it. But if you can prepare for it by having savings or insurance in place, you will be better able to cope with the financial pressures. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the kids and even your cleaning. After all, that’s what friends and family would offer to do for you anyway. Get well soon.