Good TV Shows For Tweens

When you have growing children in your household, it’s hard to keep them interested in something for very long. You take them outside when you can, you help them with their homework, and you try to keep them out of the fridge after dark. And yet, there’s a lot you still have to work with […]

The Best Movies To Watch This Year With Your Kids

While the gritty and bloody Logan film that came out earlier this year isn’t suitable for kids – there are plenty of amazing and fun films that are. From Wonder to Spiderman – there is a lot on offer this year in terms of the cinema and streaming at home, so while you might want […]

On Saxophone!

Although I havent get hold a real saxophone I feel that is it  one of the musical instruments that is hard to use and play. I just could not imagine myself playing the instrument pressing few buttons whisling and at the same time do some moves. So everytime I saw someone playing the instrument I […]