Small Business Ideas For Moms

As a busy mom it can be a struggle finding the work/ life balance. Maybe you’re keen to continue working as you don’t want to lose your skills, or perhaps your financial situation means you simply can’t stay home full time. Either way, the trouble that many of us can have is that work hours are generally pretty rigid, and our lives aren’t. Kids can get sick meaning we need time off, we might have been up all night with a teething baby meaning we’re running late the next day, we have plays, sports days, parent’s evening, appointments and other things that we simply don’t want to miss in our little one’s childhood.


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However there is a way you can have the best of both worlds, setting up your own business puts you in control and allows you to earn money around your child care commitments. You’re the boss so you can say how many hours you want to work and what times, and really make it work for your life. If you don’t have upfront cash, you could always consider women’s small business loans to get yourself established. But what kinds of business ideas should moms consider? Here are three examples.

Mobile Beautician

If you’re a people person and into the fun and girly things in life, a mobile beautician or hairdresser could be ideal. Treatments such as hair cutting, colouring and styling, makeup application, nails, spray tanning, eyelash extensions, brow sculpting, waxing and threading and more are all popular. Some of these qualifications you can gain in a fairly short space of time which is great if you’re starting from scratch. Otherwise you could go to college part time and gain yourself a qualification first. Providing you have a driving license and your own vehicle it’s a chance to earn money doing something you enjoy, things like group bookings for girls nights out, hen parties or wedding parties all do very well.

Freelance Writer

If you’re a keen writer, why not put your skills to good use? If you sign up to a freelancing website there’s almost always work available- and while each piece will have a deadline you can choose how many you take on. Best of all it’s from home and all you need is a computer, you could do an article during nap time, or a couple during the evenings and weekends. The money will soon add up!


If you’re a fantastic baker, why not share this skill and use it to make you some money? You could start a baking business from home selling things like celebration cakes for weddings or birthdays, decorative cupcakes, cake pops, brownies and more for parties or for people to buy as gifts. You will have to set up your kitchen to pass a health inspection and follow the rules around this, however it’s a fun home business that you could do and earn yourself some good money!

Moms, what business ideas have you considered?

3 Money Habits That Are Illegal

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Everyone has bad habits, especially when it comes to money. Some people throw it away without thinking, others save it when they should spend, and some people are financially ignorant. None of these are crimes, nor are they particularly dumb, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. In truth, the bad habits of an average person regarding their finances range from tax avoidance to fraud. You may not think this is the case, but it happens on a daily basis and there is a good chance you are complicit.

The following are the habits which may seem benign, but that are unlawful or stupid or a mixture of the two.

Not Declaring Money

Picture the scene. You are moonlighting on the side to earn extra money and get paid in cash. Then, you put the money in your back pocket, head to the high street and spend it like it’s burning a hole in your jeans. But, when it’s time to file a tax return, there is no mention of the money on your file. Okay, it may be small enough not to warrant an investigation, but an audit will uncover the truth and put you in a vulnerable position. The free check stub template printables online ensure you have a receipt for any and all money you make. If there is a knock on the door from the tax office, you will have nothing to fear.

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Signing A Check In Another Name

Hold on a minute – people still use checks! Okay, so they might not be as popular as in the past, but they are legal tender. In fact, lots of elderly people use them to this day because they are used to the process. But, say a parent asks you sign their name, would you? The answer, on the whole, is usually yes because you want to do mom and dad a favor. Unfortunately, you are forging a document and committing a crime unless you have power of attorney. The same goes for your kids or anyone else for whom you aren’t their legal guardian. So, the next time someone asks, think about the repercussions first.

Lying On An Application

Everyone knows the tricks of the trade regarding loan or insurance applications because they are poorly kept secrets. Take a car insurance document as an example. After checking the available quotes, you realize that the cost may be more than you can afford. But, instead of biting the bullet, you perform digital trickery and change a couple of answers. Now, the car is parked in a garage and not on the street and the property is a stand-alone, secure one. Although there seems to be nothing wrong with this, it is an act of fraud. Lying on an application to save or gain money could theoretically land you in prison. At the very least, it will result in a hefty fine should you get caught.

Bad habits aren’t just unhealthy – they are potentially felonious.

6 Reasons Why More Moms Will Start Virtual Businesses in 2017

The number of virtual businesses run by mothers is going up. This is in line with the growth of the freelance economy in general.

There are now more startups to watch than ever before that are run by freelancers. It’s not just a trend it’s a revolution in the way people are working.   There are many reasons why moms are going to start running virtual businesses in 2017, and we’re going to run through them now.

It’s Easier than Ever  

Part of the reason why there are more moms looking to start a business with no employees is they now can. It’s never been easier to pair one-woman virtual businesses with clients and contractors of all kinds. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork are there to meet the needs of the virtual business owner, along with services like a virtual office provider, online CRM management, and more.

Only in the last few years has this become prominent. Many mothers are discovering just what’s on the table for the first time.

The Employment Situation for Mothers  

Mothers need a lot of tools to juggle work and home. A conventional job doesn’t provide this. The standard maternity leave is about six weeks, with only a limited number of employers offering more. And you can forget about getting time off to deal with family emergencies, unless you’re extremely lucky. That means hundreds of thousands of dollars in sitter bills.

Many mothers have to step away from the world of work to accommodate their families. Virtual businesses provide an opportunity for mothers to do both. They can handle anything that comes up at home and continue to work and earn money.

Many Mothers Have No Choice

Sadly, there are those mothers who can’t take on a career because they can’t leave their children alone. But they still need to earn money to live. This is particularly pertinent for single mothers. With no other alternative, virtual businesses are becoming the vehicle of choice for mothers who need to earn money for the family.

Virtual businesses are liberating mothers. Previously they may have had to settle for charity or welfare from the government. But now they can go into business for themselves, leaving them with more opportunities than ever before.

The Flexibility of Virtual Working

Mothers need to be flexible because nothing ever goes according to plan when bringing up children. That means they can’t keep regular working hours and they might have to skip away at short notice.

Virtual businesses work in a different way. Unless you have to make a Skype call, the only thing the client cares about is that the work gets done. They don’t care whether you do it at 2am in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon. That’s perfect for mothers.

They can fit their work lives around the needs of their child, rather than the other way around.

It’s Surprisingly Lucrative

Virtual businesses are not just about making a few dollars here and there. You’re not contending with any form of glass ceiling. Remote working has never been more lucrative, with people earning full-time incomes by working part-time. Your earning potential is determined only by how long you want to work and how much effort you want to put in.

Mothers who only want to earn a few dollars to cover their grocery bills can start a virtual business with that goal in mind. But mothers who want to earn a lot of money to their family’s prospects have that option on the table as well.

You Don’t Have to Be Qualified  

Most careers demand that you have some qualifications to get started. This prevents many mothers from doing what they want because they don’t have the time or the money to go back to college. And if they do it can take years to see any yield. Running a virtual business is different. You don’t need any visible qualifications.

The skills you don’t have can be found through virtual workers. All you need is a business idea and the determination to execute it.

Conclusion – Virtual Businesses are on the Up  

Mothers are increasingly seeing the benefits of running virtual businesses. From the flexibility to work and removing many of the drawbacks of the traditional workplace, this is the ideal work environment.

Will you start a virtual business in 2017?