Happy New Year!

I know I am five days late, but I wont let another day pass without greeting everyone a Happy New Year and wishing everybody to have a wonderful and blessful year ahead.

So this is my first post for the year 2017. A month after my last post here. I didn’t imagine that it was already a month. Not surprising because I am a certified procrastinator. It seemed that I will keep promising to kick out this bad habit forever. Hahahaha! Hirap naman magisip ng maganda at makabuluhang topic.

Anyway, since it is a new year I am hoping that I can post more relevant articles. I won’t promise but I will try my best.

Checking In

Hello fellow bloggers! Finally I am here checking in after a decade of not posting an update. Although I am a slacker blogging I decided to renew this blog and my other blogs. I am hoping that this year will be productive in terms of posting updates.

Recently, one of my godchild offered me to tried her product, matte lipstick. It will be my first time to try matte lipstick. I am hoping that I will like it as well as my lips. I find the colors really nice so wonder I am excited to try it. I will be posting my review about it as soon as I tried it.

Checking In

So I finally had a chance to post an update here. Its been like a decade since my last post. Although I so much want to make my blogs updated I simply could not do it. My reason is because I am only using my mobile phone to blog. I know its a lame reason because I can still blog anytime I want. I guess it is more acceptable if my reason is because I am not really comfortable blogging using my mobile phone. I could not do everything I want to do like I usually do.

I know I promise to try my best to update my blogs in a regular basis but I failed countless and hopefully I will succeed this time, keeping my fingers cross. 🙂