I Switch To Pantene

FYI!! This is an overdue post.

For almost a year I have been using Pantene conditioner. Switching to another brand of conditioner is not my plan. My hair was falling more than the normal hair fall when I tried few brands of shampoo and conditioners hoping to stop hair fall problem but to avail. Until I decided to ask for professional help. I was advice to use baby shampoo and stoped using conditioner.

In time when my hair fall problem stops, I recieved my welcome freebie from EVERYDAYME. A Pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner. Hesitated to used it because I was not satisfied when I tried using Pantene shampoo. However, I like the smell of Pantene conditioner so I was tempted to used it hoping I wont regret it. The fruity smell is very tempting, I must say. Salamat naman at hiyang ang buhok ko.

 photo CYMERA_20160417_182758_zpsjijgx0hn.jpg

So now you know the reason why I switch the other brand I have been using for many years to Pantene. Its a bit expensive though compared to other leading brand but it is worth it.

Learning To My Brows

No doubt most women nowadays is using eyebrows to enhance the shape of their eyebrows. I have been happy and contented with my shape of my eyebrows since my teen years. Well, I admit I do enhance the shape of my brows by plucking. Threading cross my mind but I am not brave enough to try it. The thought of how hurt it will be made me choose between plucking and shaving. But few years ago, I noticed that the hair of my eyebrows are getting thinner and I figured it is high time I start using eyeliner and eyebrows liner.

Although its been a year since I started putting eyeliner on my eyebrows I still don’t know how to do it myself. Sometimes I asked my cousin to do it.

A month ago, I saw this Eyebrows Liner Duo Kit. I immediately like it when I tried the tester in Watson Store. I am learning little by little on how to use it and draw my eye brows perfectly.

Lipstick Galore!

FYI! I compose this blog post more than a week ago. For some reason I failed to hit the publish button. 😀

I admit, I am a certified impulsive shopper. I tend to buy things that are not in my shopping list without a second thought, though I don’t need it. Just like recently, I bought few shades of lipstick in just one month. It is surprising, really. I am not a type of person who loves buying lipstick because since I started using lipstick I am always happy having one or two shade of lipstick.

Anyway, I will make a review of all the lipstick I bought in my next blog post. So watch out for it.