Going To a Fiesta

I and my friend will attend a fiesta celebration in an hour two. Fiesta celebration is mostly celebrated during the months of April and May. In fact you can witness some places having the same fiesta for one day and almost everyday. On fiesta it is common to see some folks having a drink and singing. Filipinos are known for being a music lover so expect almost everybody loves vedioke.

Apart from vedioke you can also see some folks playing guitars while singing.Talking about guitar you might want checking out Guitar Center, gibson sg special, I am certain you be interested of getting one.

On Guitar

Nowadays looking for the guitar you want to have is easy as 1,2,3. You can buy it from the comfort of your home. Just recently I came across an online store called guitar center greensboro nc. The store cater wide selection of different kind of guitar. So there is no way you will not find the guitar what that you’ve been looking.

I wish I am a musically inclined type of person so I can avail of what is the store offered.

New Internet Provider

Video call is my way of communicating to my boyfriend. Having good connection really matters. For the past weeks my internet connetion has been a big problem for us. I will lost when I needed it most.

After dealing with slow internet connection the boyfriend asked me to look for a better internet provider. This is the second time that I opted to change my internet provider after we were hit by super typhoon Yolanda. Hopefully this is for good because I do not have any other option since I already tried the two biggest networks in the country.  So far I am happy with the speedtest of my current connection.