Go Philippines!

No doubt I am a beauty pageant fanatic. I watch every pageant I can possibly watch. So I wont let the chance of watching it live. Anyway, as of this typing I am watching the Miss Universe 2017 live on Foxlife. Of course I am wishing for Ms Philippines Rachel Peters to bring back the […]

New to Business? Make Sure You Protect It!

Starting a business has never been easier thanks to the internet. Even if you’re just a single mom at home with an idea, it’s possible to turn that idea into something productive and possibly successful assuming you have the right help and training. Of course, it’s not as easy as clicking a few links and […]

Which House For Me?

Credit from Pexels There are many decisions that you have to make when moving house, from location to budget. The finances surrounding moving, whether you are buying or renting, can seem overwhelming and financial stress is not something to ignore. But the biggest decision you have to make, before you can even start looking, is what sort […]